Wednesday Team League

Wild Marsh GC
Wednesday Night Men’s League

Rules and Procedures

Team Format: Match play, 4 players. (A team may have six players but only four playing matches each week)

Players are ranked A, B, C and D according to their handicap. (Handicaps will be updated weekly.)

There are a total of 40 points available each week.  One point for each hole won. One point awarded to the winner of the match.  2014 second year no net Medal Point.Teams accumulate points week to week.  The 2014 Year will run from April 16th to September 24th and will consist of three separate seasons, Season 1 Apr.23rd to June 4th, Season 2 June 11th to July 23rd and Season 3 July 30th to Sept. 10th.  We will pay out Ten Teams in each season.

Team Captains – Are responsible for having four players present. A Sub List will be provided, however any person with a current handicap can sub.  If the sub does not have a handicap, the sub will get a handicap on their low round and be given 80% of that handicap or 80% of their GHIN handicap.  This rule also applies to league members who do not have an established HDCP when league begins. As scores are posted for their League Handicap we will use the average of their League Handicap and their beginning handicap until 3 rounds have been posted to their league handicap. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to secure a substitute player when needed! (All last minute subs inherit the position of the player they are substituting for and give or receive strokes as dictated by opponent’s handicap)   Team captains are responsible for calling or e-mailing their roster by noon the Tuesday prior to each night of league including the use of a sub. **Teams with more than 4 players can sub on other teams. ** If no subs are needed, the extra player(s) may play with their team or paired in a game but they are NOT part of the match. (Score will count towards year round individual totals and Shoot out Qualifying.)

Proximities:  Are part of the League Fee Pay Outs.  Prizes will be gift cards or credit posted valued at $15/event.  There will be 2 events for each nine holes with a total of 4 prizes paid out per night.

Individual Player Shoot Out: The defending Champion and the top 20 individual low net scores and ties from the year at 80% of handicap will qualify for a shoot out on September 17th. The Shoot Out is included in the league fee and awarded in credit or gift cards. Note: You need ONE good score to qualify! Again for 2014, we use 80% of handicap to qualify for the Shoot Out but qualifiers will receive 100% of handicap during the Shoot Out! New players to league will not be eligible to qualify for the Shoot Out until they have an official league handicap established. Three rounds needed for official League handicap.

Hole-in-One Insurance:  This is included in league fee and all players are covered. The monies in the pot are divided up at the end of the season. Pot divided by the number of Hole-in-Ones in the year during the 21 League nights only.  If there are no Hole-in-Ones the money will carry over to the next year and that pot will be larger.

Skins:  Individual gross and net skins games will be held each week.  These will be cash-only games and are optional – $5.00 for each event. A maximum of one shot will be given on par threes in the net game. Winners will be posted the following week with the winnings given out in the golf shop.

Again in 2014, Individual Total Points earned in Matches: We will keep track of individual points earned during matches throughout the year.  We will have winners for all three seasons. You must play 4 nights out of seven to qualify for the individual point prize money and we will use your best 4 point totals for players that post more than 4 rounds in a season. We will have six winners each season.

Rain Policies: All players must show up at the course no matter what weather conditions are. We will only cancel a match if we have very severe weather in the area. If severe weather moves in and we have to cancel play, points will be awarded for the least amount of holes completed of all the matches. This means you might only play one hole and get 1 point. No point awarded for the match. Can only earn points on holes played.

Pace of Play: Keep up with the group in front of you!  If you spend time looking for golf balls, remember you must get back into position. This means playing quicker until you catch the group in front of you.

Green Fees: All League Members that are not Members at Wild Marsh must pay our posted Twilight rates which are, $20 walking 9 Holes, $25 riding 9 Holes, $30 walking 18 Holes, $40 riding 18 Holes. Sales Tax not included in these rates!

All rates start at 3:00 PM.

Cart Fees: $10 after 3:00 PM for those members that do not have a season cart pass.

League Members playing before 3:00 PM will pay our normal rates for Green Fees and Cart Fees!

HANDICAPS:  2014 Season we will continue with 9 Hole League Handicaps. Scores will be posted by the Golf Shop staff and only league rounds will be posted. GHIN handicaps will be available for those who would like to continue to have an 18 hole handicap. You have to post your own league scores to GHIN if you want them counted towards your handicap.Cost will be $30.00.

  1. If the player does not have a handicap, he should report to the course pro before playing and the pro will assign a handicap. We use the USGA formula for handicapping and the player will receive 80% of that handicap.
  2. Subs or players with current GHIN handicaps will receive 80% of their handicap for league play.
  3. As players establish their League handicap we will use the average of their beginning assigned handicap and their current league handicap until 3 scores are posted to the league handicap system thus establishing their official league handicap.
  4. During a match if a player picks up and forfeits the hole an X will go on the card plus the estimated score they may have achieved, that will then be adjusted for posting according to that individual’s handicap. Opponent of player picking up MUST putt out!

    All adjusted 9-hole league scores will be posted by the Golf Shop Staff!

    “NO SHOW PENALTY”: If a team is missing a player(s) for a match, the team will have5 points per missing player removed from their total for that evening. Once again in 2014, we will not be playing against par when a team is short a player! (We will only play against par if we have a team not show up.) An individual from the team short a player will be involved in two matches. Example: If the Rotation for League is AB/CD playing together and B is absent from a team, A from that Team will play against A and B from the other Team, giving or taking appropriate strokes. If C is absent D will play against C and D of the opposing team.  Make sure you have all of your players!


  5. “Summer Rules”: We are playing summer rules.
  • This means no “bumping/touching” your ball anywhere between the tee box and the green.  Any exceptions to this rule will be announced prior to the league round.
  • New for 2014 – Players will be able to treat stones in bunkers as loose impediments and may remove them without penalty.  Must confirm with opponent of match!  Rule will change as we finish renovations of bunkers.
  • To use the drop area across the hazard on Hole #7 there will be line painted across the fairway at approximately 175 yards (distance fluctuates in accordance with wind velocity and direction), you MUST be past the line closer to the hole to advance to the drop area.
  • USGA Medal play rules Govern League Play Except as Modified by Local Rules.
  • You may mark your ball after putting!


  • 4 matches played.We will be following USGA Medal Play Rules
  • Each hole will be worth one point. Any ties, points will be halved. 9 points total.
  • One point awarded to the winner of the match. Any ties, points will be halved.
  • 9 + 1 = 10 points available per match x 4 matches = 40 points available/night.
  • For individual Total Point monies a player must post 4 rounds per season. We will pay out 6 Total Point winners per season. $200 per season, 1st = $50, 2nd = $30 and 3rd = $20. Can only win ounce you cannot win a low gross and low net prize.



    Check in by 5:15 p.m.! League Rates start at 3:00 p.m. Any play before 3 PM standard rates will apply!
    At starting holes by 5:25 p.m.!

  •           NOTE: Later in season starting times may be earlier as the amount of daylight diminishes.

    League members that are not season pass holders will be charged our Twilight Rates, $22.00 walking 9, $25 riding 9, $30 walking 18, $40 riding 18. All rates are effective after 3 PM and do not include Sales Tax.

  • 9 Hole Rates will apply for all golfers checking in after 4:00 PM.

    Members without a season cart pass must pay $10 good for 9 or 18 holes. This rate begins at 3 PM.

  • Special Event games are optional.If you wish to participate, the signup sheets will be set up at the Golf Shop counter, specific to front 9 and back 9. We will have multiple Games available at $5/event to sign up for, so don’t forget to have plenty of cash with you.
  • Captains for each team will have to pick up score cards in the golf shop and let their team members know which hole they will be starting on.Captains will also have to dot scorecards if they have a late sub.
  • Score cards should be signed and attested to by the players and given to team captain to turn into Golf Shop immediately following play!!
  • A Scoreboard will be positioned in the Golf Shop with team numbers, schedule, hole assignments, weekly winners and any special rules of play for the day. The Bulletin Board at the bottom of the stairs will have the overall results posted on a weekly basis.
  • Please remember to repair ball marks, replace divots and rake bunkers.If you see anyone not doing any of these, please remind them to do so.
  • Golf cars have to be off of the course 15 minutes after sunset!!!!